Scarlatti SC-30 C/G Anglo Concertina, 30 Key

Scarlatti SC-30 C/G Anglo Concertina, 30 Key

Irish Music players love the Anglo Concertina. There are both 20-key and 30-key models. For playing Irish Music, the G/C tuned instrument is your best choice. Although the 20-key model has a limited number of octaves, it is suitable for beginners. A 20-key Anglo Concertina and the book “Absolute Beginners Concertina” by Mick Bramich will get you started on playing Irish Music.

For playing Irish Music, the 30 key G/C Anglo Concertina must be a must-have.

You get a 30 Key G/C Anglo Concertina Box and the Book ‘The Irish Concertina’ by Mick Bramich. This combo will give you the best squeezeBox as well as the best tuition method to become a competent concertina player.

Anglo is often used in dance-music, especially Morris and Irish music. It can also be used to accompany songs, shanties, etc. Every button produces a different note depending on how the bellows are pushed and drawn. There are therefore TWO notes per button. The right-hand side has the highest notes, while the left side has the lowest. You can play the melody with your right hand and the vamp chords using the left.

Scarlatti SC-30C/G Anglo Concertina 30 Key – Anglo 30, fretwork wooden ends. Plastic buttons. 8 fold bellows. Fretwork wooden ends are topped with an acrylic board. Fretwork wooden ends. Anglo system fingering (push-pull type).

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