CarbonyTM Traditional Irish Flute

CarbonyTM Traditional Irish Flute

CarbonyTM is an Irish flute that is well-known for its beautiful design and unique features. This flute is made of carbon fiber and has a black color. The flute’s construction ensures that the air flowing through it is stable and doesn’t get disturbed. The three major components of this flute model are the slide, head joint and body.

These components are polished and fitted with stainless steel. The flute is free from any gaps or cracks that could lead to air leakage. O rings have been added to the flute’s body. This helps in aligning the flute.

The flute is not affected by bad weather. This means that the flute is less likely to be affected either by humidity or vapors in the atmosphere. This flute model can keep a single pitch regardless of the climate. This flute is guaranteed to last a lifetime. This flute can be used by right-handed or left-handed players.


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